Tapers & Prices

Signature Tapers

All modern rod builders stand on the shoulders of those who went before. Below are some of the tapers I find myself making over and over again, many influenced by Paul Young and Lyle Dickerson, though I can and do make many other "classic tapers". I try to replicate classic tapers of rods I've actually handled and/or fished so I can capture the taper's true personality. If you're looking for something specific, let's talk, then design the perfect rod for you. I've pared down this list somewhat, but honestly believe there is no river I've ever fished  that couldn't be fished with one or more of these rods. Several of these tapers were developed completely by me. 


Standard Tapers


    4-5 Wt.

    Medium Fast Action designed to cover your favorite stream. This taper is able to take larger fish from small water. It is a great roll caster.


    4-5 Wt.

    A copy of the elusive PHY Princess. Full working, semi-parobolic with plenty of power.


    5 Wt.

    A true copy of the original PHY Driggs River Special.

  • MODEL 7312 Light Dry Fly

    3 Wt.

    Light, dry fly action with delicate tips.

  • MODEL 7612 Light Trout

    3-4 Wt.

    Medium action all around light line trout rod.

  • MODEL 7613 Medium Trout

    5 Wt.

    Medium fast action progressive taper all-rounder.

  • MODEL 7613 Perfection

    5 Wt.

    This is the later 5-weight version of a PHY Perfectionist.

  • MODEL 7613 Preferred

    5 Wt.

    Based on a Phillipson Preferred

Standard Tapers

Custom Tapers


Call me and we'll discuss a rod specifically for you. In some cases this may be a modification of an existing classic taper, or the taper may be altogether new. Obviously, custom tapers take a little longer to develop and build.

Please allow up to 120 days for completion of your new rod. 50% due upon order placement; balance due upon completion.

  • Standard Tapers

    Two-piece with two tips, bag and aluminum tube

    Price : $1099
  • Custom Tapers

    Two-piece with two tips, bag and aluminum tube

    Price : $1199 - $1399

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