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Tapers & Prices For Bamboo fly Rods

Signature Tapers:

All modern rod builders stand on the shoulders of those who went before.  Below are some of the tapers I find myself making over and over again, many influenced by Paul Young and Lyle Dickerson, though I can and do make many other "classic tapers".   I try to replicate classic tapers of rods I've actually handled and/or fished so I can capture the taper's true personality.  If you're looking for something specific, let's talk, then design the perfect rod for you.  I've pared down this list somewhat, but honestly believe there is no river I've ever fished that couldn't be fished with one or more of these rods.  Several of these tapers were developed completely by me. 

    Stream Tapers (2-Piece / 2-tips):

MODEL 5610 KINNIKINIC RIVER -- 5'6"  --  3 Wt. Medium Fast Action -- Ultralight smooth progressive action 
       for accurate placement of small dry flies to 30 feet.
MODEL 6011  MIDGE -- 6'0" --  A remake of one of America's most famous tapers for very light tippets.  Like the
      original taper developed by Paul Young, it feels longer and casts light leaders farther than expected.
6'6" --  4-5 Wt. Medium Fast Action -- Custom design named for a favorite stream
       in Western Wisconsin.  Able to haul bigger fish from small water.  Great roll caster. 
6'9" --  4 Wt. Fast Dry Fly -- Custom design light-weight dry fly
     rod.  Moderately proressive with delicate tips.

MODEL 7012 SSB -- 7'0" -- 4 Wt. Crisp Dry Fly with Super Swelled Butt.  

MODEL 7013 Princess -- 4-5 Wt. -- Copy of the elusive PHY Princess.  (Only a couple dozen of the Young
     originals were made.)  Full working, semi-parabolic.  
MODEL 7213 DRIGGS PARABOLIC -- 7'2"  --  5 Wt. -- PHY Driggs River Taper.  Based on the original 5-weight
     Driggs and named for a UP Michigan river.  A personal favorite. Strong enough for bigger water.

MODEL 7612 LIGHT DRY FLY -- 7'6" -- 3 Wt. -- Light dry fly action with delicate tips.

MODEL 7612 LIGHT TROUT -- 7'6" -- 3 Wt. -- More medium in action with slightly heavier tips.


    River Tapers (2-piece / 2 Tips):

MODEL 7613 DRY FLY  SPECIAL-- 7'6" -- 4-5 Wt. -- Based on Phillipson's  "Preferred"  in this length.

MODEL 7614 MMY -- 7'6" -- 5-6 Wt. -- Based on Young's Martha Marie.

MODEL 7814 GILLUM SPECIAL -- 5-6 Wt. -- A two-piece version of Gillum's 7853.  Powerful, but light.
MODEL 8014 PROGRESSIVE  -- 8'0" -- 5-6-Wt. -- An all-around 5-6-weight with a moderately progressive
     medium-fast action.  Strong rod great on windy days.
MODEL 8014 PARABOLIC 14 -- 7'9" -- 5 Wt. -- Based on Young's Para 14.
MODEL 8015 PARABOLIC 15 -- 8'0"  --  6 Wt. -- All around big water rod available with two wet fly tips or one
     wet / one dry fly tip.  Handles a 6 or 7 weight line with the wet fly tip, a 5-6 with the dry fly tip.   

Most Any Other Taper Available Upon Request, Including Three-Piece Tapers (3-Piece / 2-Tips)

All 2-Piece Rods Come with 2 Tips, Custom Rod Bag and Tube -- $799.
  Limited Edition 2-piece, 2-tip Super Swelled Butt Rods -- $999.
  All 3-Piece Rods Come with 2 Tips, Custom Rod Bag and Tube --  $899.
Please allow up to90 days for completition of your custom rod.  Deposit of 50% is required.
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