Bill Critchfield  Custom Cane Flyrods
New & Used
From time to time I have a few new and gently used rods available for immediate delivery at reduced prices.  If interested, it's best  just to call me to see what's available.  My phone number is 612-968-2005.  I can email photos, if you desire.


    Model 7013 -- Seven footer made with a size 13 ferrule for more backbone than most seven foot rods.  Lightly fished by me for two days.   Rod is built with an all-wood grip and reel seat.  $699. 

    Model Para 14 Blanks -- A 2/2 set of PHY Para 14 blanks, darkly flamed with golden nodes, 2x2x2 node spacing just like the original.  $325, ferruled.  ALL SOLD FOR NOW

    Model 7012 SSB -- Light Dry Fly 4 Weight.  Classic cigar grip, duals slide band reel seat.  $899

    Martha Marie (Lt.) -- A lighter version of Young's famous taper made for a 5-weight line.  Buckeye burl grip and seat.  Green wraps, green agate stripper.  SOLD!
    REFINISHED EDWARDS QUADRATE 35 -- Completely refinished full length Edwards Quad in the desirable 8 1/2' length.  Ready for the water.  $800. -- SOLD

    PARA 15 WITH WET & DRY TIPS -- Eight footer wrapped dark transparent red with flaming box elder seat. both wet and dry tips Brand new and ready for the water. A favorite bigger water  / bigger fish classic.  $749

    Model 7213 Driggs -- Copy of the PHY Driggs River Special.  Ventilated grip with a dark rosewood slide band seat.  $749



Construction Process

If you're looking for a new cane rod chances are you have a pretty good idea about what goes into making one.  I start with quality cane from Andy Royer (The Bamboo Broker) and select a culm with dense power fibers.  After filing the nodes, the culm is flamed, split and re-split.  Strips are straightened, nodes pressed and dressed, and beveled to 60 degress.  Hand planing is a slow and steady process, done over several days.  The sections are glued and bound, and allowed to dry for several days.  I use Titebond III to glue up rod sections.  Once dry, the sections are lightly sanded and straightened.  The finish work will take an additional 20 hours or so, and the final product will have three coats of spar urethane varnish polished to a semi-gloss finish for less glare on the water.  The total process takes about 50 hours.

Critchfield Varnish
is well-executed multiple coats of semi-gloss spar urethane which is polished to a soft luster for less glare and glint on the water than very high gloss finish. 
Critchfield Flaming  is a specialized method of slowly flaming both the inside and outside of the raw culm prior to rod construction.  Flaming executed in this manner provides an extra step of heat treatment not typically found in most cane rods.

Rods can be built with either a varnish finish or fully impregnated for minimum mintenance 



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