Bill Critchfield  Custom Cane Flyrods

Ordering Your Rod is Simple

Our typical delivery time is often less than 90 days, unlike some builders whose "waiting list" is up to two years.  The simple reason for this is because I work on rods most every day.   I don't like customers to wait.  In the winter months, 50 hour plus workweeks are common for me, and I enjoy every minute.  Rod building is a passion, not a job. 

We don't standardize wrap colors, reel seat styles, grip styles, etc., so your rod can look exactly the way you want it.  After selecting the taper you want, you will need to provide input into the final look you desire.  Some buyers prefer cigar style grips, for example.  Some prefer half wells.  Some buyers prefer a downlocking screw type seat; others prefer a traditional cap and slide ring.  Ferrules can be blued or bright.  We can use bright guides or black.  Agate stripping guide or standard style?  So before you order, give your rod some thought.  The Gallery section will give you some ideas.

I prefer to make flamed rods.  Flaming tends to make bamboo rods slightly faster and more resistant to taking a set.  It provides an additional step of heat treatment.

To order, simply send an email describing what you want.  My email address is  I will send a reply.  We can talk on the phone and finalize the details.  If you're satisifed with the design parameters, your order will go on our board for completion.  We require a 50% deposit with all orders and the balance + shipping cost (usually $15 in the U.S.) when the rod is ready to ship.  THE CURRENT LEAD TIME FOR NEW RODS IS 120 DAYS AFTER RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT.

We do not use credit cards.  You can pay by check or money order or through Paypal.
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